Administrative Officers
President Mark Welch
Vice President Jason Wilks
Secretary Paul Moran Jr.
Treasurer Joe Vrabel
Training Officer John Vrabel
Fire Police Captain Jeff Haight

Fire Line Officers

Chief Vince Neville WT#1
1st Assistant Chief Joe Vrabel WT#2
2nd Assistant Chief Mark Welch WT#3
3rd Assistant Chief Gordon Wilson WT#4


Other Officers
Com. 5 Years Alden Randall
Com. 4 Years Charles Wagner
Com. 3 Years Jason Wilks
Com. 2 Years Ronald Dewing
Com. 1 Year Carl Pendleton
Co. Del. 3 Years Ronald Dewing
Co. Del. 2 Years Larry Jennings
Co. Del. 1 Year Kevin Johnson
Alt. Co. Del. 3 Years Shawn Williams
Alt. Co. Del 2 Years William Franklin Sr.
Alt. Co. Del. 1 Year John Hillyard
Training Officer John Vrabel

Fire Police Officers

Fire Police Capt. Jeff Haight 18FP#1
Fire Police Leut. Ronald Dewing 18FP#2
Fire Police Leut. Isaac Gross 18FP#3
Fire Police Chris Bean 18FP#5
Fire Police Brad Chilson 18FP#6
Fire Police Kevin Johnson 18FP#7
Fire Police John Vrabel 18FP#8
Fire Police Shawn Williams 18FP#10
Fire Police Joe Vrabel 18FP#11
Fire Police Charles Wagner 18FP#12





Jim Coleman

Little Meadows

Jason Wilks


Little Meadows

Jordan Welch


Little Meadows

Penny Baldwin


Little Meadows

Rusty Dewing


Little Meadows

Larry Jennings


Upcoming Events
January Monthly Meeting Monday January 20th 8pm @ Fire Hall
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Warren Twp Volunteer Fire Dept.
3039 Warren Center Rd
Warren Center, PA 18851

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Monthly Meetings
Third Monday of the month @8pm Meetings are open to the public
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