The new truck that will replace the Tanker 4




18 Engine 2 with new labels

Truck donated to Warren Twp. by the Newportville Fire Company in Bristol Twp. PA

new truck

Newportville handing the keys off to Chief Vince Neville

New engine in front of its new home


Pump controls on the new truck

18 Attack 1 behind the tools.

Some of the tools used are, Fire hose, Fire extinguisher, forestry rake, forestry axe, and Indian tank.

Other tools we use are, pike pole, nozzle for the hose, fire axe, bolt cutters, face mask for the air pack, and halligan bar.

This is a S.C.B.A or Scott Air Pack that we use to go into a burning structure.

Open house at Warren Twp. Fire hall. This is some of the gear we wear.


Motor Vehicle Accident Training day.


LaRaysville Pike Fire Department Rescue was there to assist.

Also there to assist was Little Meadows EMS and Little Meadows Fire Company.

LaRaysville doing a drill on the MVA.

Another drill by LaRaysville and Little Meadows.

The pump and other tools on the new 18 Attack 1.

18 Attack 1 in front of the Warren Twp. Fire Department.

The back end of the 18 Attack 1.

Front view of 18 Attack 1.

This is what the Attack Truck looked like before.

Side view of the old body of the Attack Truck.

Guthrie's STAT MEDEVAC Helicopter.

MEDEVAC showed up at the Warren Twp. Community Building to show us their helicopter.

Another look at the Guthrie MEDEVAC.

People looking at the helicopter.

A closer look at the helicopter.

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